Five tech trends you need to watch out this year


2016 was indeed a year of many technological advancements that changed ways of how a lot of us operate on routine basis. One significant technology change was the smart home technology.

Even though almost its two months past. I think we all should know The following top 5 which is being predicted to dominate the world in 2017.

  1. Internet of things (IoT)
    According to Jacob morgan writing in Forbes Internet of things(IoT) are basically referred to as connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. Devices such as cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices etc are included in it. The smart home technology till date was smart but with the little issue of interoperability. But recently huge companies such as Google, amazon, apple are getting involved to bind a solution for the issue. Probably we may see a great change in IoT this year.
  2. AR and VR
    Augmented reality and virtual reality. VR was a great strike in the year of 2016. For example Sony’s PlayStation. Similarly, the top trending Pokémon Go which is an AR game exploded with millions of downloads. In the forthcoming we can probably see phones, consumer glasses and many more with AR and VR. image2
  3. Automation
    At this century, automation has become mainstream and with no doubt its going to dominate across 2017 as well. The Automated online customer service would become much better. The devices and online services will understand the user patterns and preferences providing services accordingly. In addition more and more jobs will be automated.
  4. Cyber Security
    The hackers and criminals are getting smarter at the speed of how technology is becoming smarter. At the moment Hackers are improving to use artificial intelligence(AI) to make it even more faster to hack.
  5. On Demand Mobile Apps
    The trend now is such that individuals are getting used to possess everything on demand using their mobile phone apps. Already there are many apps for usage such as Uber, food deliveries etc..
    Source: Forbes




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