Why do students fail in Algorithm and Data structure interviews


All over the world there are hundreds of dream jobs and Computer science field is one of the top field that gives dream opportunities. Millions of students are looking forward to pursuing a career in the field of computer science. And lot of learning resources are available online. But the point is even if there are so many opportunities and learning resources still, most of the students are struggling to become good at it and crack the interview. So after researching on this topic here is the highlighted top 5 learning challenges in computer science.


“Solving problems is a practical skill like, let us say, swimming.  We acquire any practical skill by imitation and practice. ”

— George Polya



  1. Lack of continuous learning:

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When considering about learning programming you should have a process. Most students often get trapped in complex examples and the dependencies of topics. But before that you should have basic knowledge and skills on what you are doing. Otherwise you only get confusions and at the interview you just have to remember answers which you have practiced like hundred times.


  1. The requirement of multiple skills:


                   In this case students should learn to interpret the problem statement, design correct algorithm and translate it into the program code. Understanding real-life application is also very useful for developing long term interest.


  1. The popular perception about algorithms:


                  Most of students believe that solving algorithmic problems is a difficult. So every new student get this view and they also pass it to others. So it gives a bad impression that the subject is tough to master.


  1. Poor collaboration and doubt resolution:


                   This is a real situation. Because every student doesn’t learn same way.Some students like to ask and get help from friends who are most skilled because they are not sure about their solutions. While some students like to study alone.


  1. Uncertain Career Plan:


                Learning programming help you to get a high paying job but most students don’t know exactly what skills they need to get qualified. So you just keep learning everything and you are wont be a expert of anything finally. Finding a company and position of their interest is a crucial career challenge.


These are some of the critical challenges that most of the students face while preparing for interviews with top companies. So read carefully and understand each fact while ensuring you are not going to do these things.

“Have a big confidence on yourself and do the right things. Your dream job will not be a dream anymore.”





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