Are you ready to be the Champion?


Imagine Cup is not something new to Microsoft fans at all. We know that you all are excited to hear about the Imagine Cup 2017 and many of you have been waiting for this moment as well. Registration for the Imagine Cup 2017 has been opened in Sri Lanka and now you can apply for the competition.

This is a simple guidance for you to register for the Imagine Cup 2017. Follow the bellow steps to get registered and submit your proposals for the competition.

  1. First visit

2. Click Sign In


3. If you already have a Microsoft account, you can sign in here. Otherwise you can create an account by clicking on Create one!

24. After successfully logging in, you will see the interface below. Click on Account.


5. Go to 2017 Sri Lanka National Finals which is under Your Contests.


6. To participate in the competition, you need to have a team of three members. You can simply create a team here.


7. Provide the team a name and a small description about the team and click Save.


8. Next you need to add the other members to the team you created. For that, go to Account and select the team you created under Your teams and click Manage.


9. Now you need to invite other members to the team you created. Type their email addresses in the input box and invite them to the team.


Now you have registered your team for the competition. Next you have to submit your project proposal.

10. For that go back to Account, then select the team name you created a while ago. Provide the Project Title and a small description about the project. Then you have to upload your Project Proposal as a Word document or a PDF document. After that upload your software, the software manual and a video that depicts your project as well.


When you have successfully completed the form, you can submit your project proposal.

Here are few things that you should remember when participating in the competition. A team can submit only a single entry. The deadline for submitting entries is on 10th March.

Good Luck for the competition.




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