New Improvements of Visual Studio 2017 (Volume no: 02)


VS2017 is Really Fast

Here we have VS2015 and VS2017 loading the .NET compiler platform which has over 100 of projects and over 1000,000 of codes and then doing “navigate to” operation. When VS2015 starts it’s scan and store components, initializing the default settings and initialize caches. VS2017 either the defers or eliminate a lot of that and a feature call “light weight solution load” loads the project only when you need them, the result VS2017 is only used half a time compare to VS2015.

image1 image2 image3

VS2017 can also install more quickly the new installer is lightweight and componentized, it breaks down Visual Studio into independent workloads that lets you install just what you need, helping you get going much faster.


Live Editing

VS2017 also gives you the option to make the editor come alive, with early warnings when things not going right.

For example, Live Coding Analysis runs your analysis rules and flag issues in the editor so you can quickly identify errors best practices and style rules or apply many refactoring code actions and code fixers.

Live architecture validation provides real-time notifications of architecture rule violations.

Live unit testing brings coverage and fast field information discreetly into the editor. Unit testing is important to keep the standard of the code. Live unit testing helps you to visualize unit test results and code coverage live on the editor, while you are coding. It works with C#/VB projects for .NET framework and supports three test frameworks of MSTest, xUnit, and NUnit.

image5Through next article, we’ll see great mobile and cloud development using VS2017. Most of these improvements you can experience from VS2017 RC(Release Candidate) more enhancement to happen in this 7th of march by the release of Visual Studio 2017.  For more information and to download Visual studio go to and while you are developing your product you can send feedback to them by just selecting the help menu to report a problem, to provide a suggestion or just to rate the product.

Have fun with Visual Studio 2017….!!




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