Bit Masters , A Sri Lankan team in Microsoft Imagine Cup Finalists


Microsoft Imagine cup is an annually organizing event by Microsoft which helps the students to think  bit different with new innovative ideas. You all may remember that we reminded you about the national finalists of this event. The teams who were selected at the national level got the chance to take part in the International level. It is a great honor  to announce that a Sri Lankan team got the chance to compete in Imagine Cup Final rounds.

The team is Bit Masters. This name would be so familiar for you all if you  were with us during the national level of this event. This team is from university of Moratuwa.It seems this team has a broad  knowledge on the latest technologies. Why  do I say so is they took part in all  3  categories  in  this event Imagine Cup.It is by introducing an AMPLUS product through the  Innovation category, a product named Phobium under World Citizenship category and then a computer game called Ashes Of History under the Gaming category. They seems to be experts in all the fields.

And now they they are  selected to Finals through the AMPLUS product under the Innovation category.

“AMPLUS” is absolutely a DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLATFORM for ADVERTISING.The most important thing is it is easy to use,low cost as well as its an INTELLIGENT DEVICE.

This is DESIGNED well with HD CAMERA MODULE and IOT DEVICE so that,it can be smoothly fixed  in to  any DIGITAL DISPLAY with HDMI PORT.

The user just needs to fix this DEVICE on top of the user’s DISPLAY to use it properly.

This team will take part in the Imagine Cup World Finals  from 26th – 30th of July  at Microsoft’s  Headquarters in Americas Cietal City. It is with 30 other teams from all around the world. So our one and only wish is to make this team the first place from this amazing contest, Imagine Cup .

Best wishes for you Bit Masters from the WindowsGeek team.

Let us have a look on the other competing teams




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