Microsoft Wallet – A new try for your wallet


Now Windows 10 Mobile users have an easy and secured way to do your transactions.

Microsoft Wallet is a cloud based technology introduced  with the help of both MasterCard  and Visa card.

This feature is currently available in Lumia 950, 950 XL and all the newest  models  from  Insiders build 14360.

Now everyone have adapted towards mobile phones as it is user friendly and easy to manage with their busy schedules.So how effective and useful it would be if you can use it instead of a ordinary wallet?

You can use this more securely by logging onto your Microsoft account.You just need to scan your membership number by your phone to use this feature.

Your credit or debit card number will not be given to the seller whenever you do the transaction.When you click on Tap to pay,the encrypted single-use transaction number will be sent from Microsoft Wallet.This is valid only for one transaction.So this is more secure than any other method.

Did you lose  your  phone?

No worries.Your card number has not been saved in this. No one knows your device number.And the biggest advantage here is this can show your mobile phones location through the map. So no worries anymore.


Specialty in this is,

You can pay without  the credit card.








Many cards,with one app









A chance for your Reward card








If you couldn’t find your bank click here

Source :Windows Blog




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