Edge Browser’s battery life is 53% higher than the alternative browsers


Microsoft revealed that they can keep a high battery power in Mobile devices  if they use Edge web browser to surf on internet.They proved this by running one common  video  in Surface Book Laptops with  4 different types of Web Browsers. So that they were able to calculate how much time was spent in each kind of browsers to run this video.Through this method they came up with the conclusion that they can increase the battery life by 53%  with the use of Microsoft edge Browser.

Below are the data that has been collected through this survey.

  • Microsoft Edge: 7h 22m 7s
  • Opera: 6h 18m 33s
  • Mozilla Firefox: 5h 9m 30s
  • Google Chrome: 4h 19m 50s

So that you are free to surf on internet with a maximum time of  7 hours and  22 minutes if you are using Microsoft Edge Browser.

Source : Microsoft Windows Blog 




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