Running For Other’s Life


In my opinion, this article is going to change the whole pattern of Windowsgeek tech articles to articles written on Humanity.
Ok! Let’s get to the topic. 😀
One man is running a marathon on his own to build a hospital in Sri Lanka. :open_mouth:

He is a well-known Sri Lankan named Vajira Weerasekara(LinkedIn). He is the Chief Technical Officer(CTO) of Microsoft Services Asia located in Sydney, Australia.
On behalf of working as a CTO, he has worked as a Delivery Director in Microsoft Australia Development Leadership Team.

ssdsdMr. Vajira Weerasekara, our so-called leader was also known as a Co-Founder of Microsoft Solutions Development Center.
He is more important when it comes to non-technical stuff. Mr. Vajira is running a Marathon in order to help patients having kidney failures in Sri Lanka.
This is somewhat extraordinary, and he has completed 328 km out of 500 km at the time this article is being written. And also he is accompanied by Larissa Tichon a famous athlete.

Mr. Vajira has completed 5 marathons, 2 Ultra marathons and 10 km of small marathons since November 2016 in the aid of kidney failure patients.
By this money , e is going to build a hospital especially for them in Anuradhapura area. At this time, his main goal is to collect AUD $100,000 and fortunately, he has been able to collect $19,118.95.

19059666_10155277077846132_5419957605076825253_nShanthi foundation is the right-hand which is helping Mr. Vajira Weerasekara to carry out this fund raising project in Sri Lanka.
Visit Shanthi Foundation here to capture all the projects they have done in isolated places.

You can also contribute to this amazing project. Starting from $2 to $25,000, you can give your helping hand those who are in need.
With Shanthi Foundation, Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine, World Health Organization, National Cancer Institute and many more non-profit organizations are got together to carry out this project.

Come!, Help those in need. To help ourselves.




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