Windows 10 update will support more password-free logins


Most of us are very lazy to type passwords, but also we need to be secure online. We always face hassles when typing passwords. For instance, you may type it wrong in the first attempt. Some of you do not remember the passwords so you just need a password manager. But no more worries! Microsoft will make it easy for you whether you use a personal computer or an office computer.

Web Browsers like Chrome and Firefox allow password-free logins. These are done using Web Authentication rather than asking for a password to log in. For apps on phone, it will allow for biometric data or USB hardware key. It does this like two-factor authentication or replaces passwords completely. Web Authentication is an open standard. It helps even small services and implements them. It will take away users from harmful phishing attacks.

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Companies like Google and Facebook already have this feature. They have made it by smartphone apps and Yubikey also allow this feature. The Windows has already committed to being having this feature on Microsoft Edge. So Microsoft Edge will have password-free logins and it will give online services without passwords in coming months.

Microsoft has announced they are coming with password-free logins in Operating System level. It sounds really good. They are going to make it done by FIDO 2.0 Web Authentication Standard.




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