New Improvements of Visual Studio 2017 (Volume no: 03)


Continuing from where we left let see what the other fantastic improvements in VS2017..!!!

Great Mobile Development

VS2017 make it easy to use your existing skills with C#, JavaScript, C++ to productively build mobile applications for android ios and windows devices. JavaScript developer, you can use Cordova or Ionic to build sharable code. C++ developers can make native libraries, they can share across all mobile OS’s. Most importantly for C# developers, VS uses the Xamarin technology to create fully native apps. So we call that why because it use native device capabilities and have native performance with up to 80% of code sharing.

image2VS2017 add many useful features for mobile developers ranging from the previous version of Xamarin form to Advance profiling and Live inspection for Xamarin mobile applications.

So as those it greatly improved its speed and reliability of editing, building and debugging mobile applications.

Cordova developers will also be able to take advantage of browser based simulator, which include support for Cordova plugins.

One of the hardest challenges in mobile development is Testing. You should have confidence upon your app would be right for most of your customers, which is rely mostly on both generating the test and running those tests against a large enough set of real devices.

VS2017 Mobile test recorder makes it easy for you to generate test scripts by running the app and recording the actions you want to test. You can run your tests locally or once you complete the creating test you can export them or upload your tests to the Xamarin Test Cloud in one click where you can then run those tests against thousands of real devices in the cloud something that would be nearly impossible for most of us to do.

image3Streamlined Cloud Development 

Not only cloud changes how we can do mobile development testing it changes how we develop software. From the architecture patterns we use to how we deploy and update applications, to the development process we use. Even if you not using public cloud like Asher the learnings about how did your cloud development will have an impact on how you develop software.

VS2017 will make it much easier to bring these practices into your development. It includes integrated tool into package your applications into Docker containers and deploy them to the cloud. And VS2017 improves DevOps workflows from git based version control to making it much simpler to create continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines.

One of the notable advances is the support for the .NET Core. With a single gesture in VS2017 you can take a .NET Core application .NET Core application targeted to Linux, package it into a Docker container, and publish it to a Docker registry and run it on the cloud. Once deployed, .NET Core will run your app fast.

image4 image5To experience these download VS2017 RC(Release Candidate) or VS2017, and also if you download VS 2017 by March 14, get free 60-day access to Xamarin University don’t miss these chances…!! For more information and to download Visual studio go to and while you are developing your product you can send feedback to them by just selecting the help menu to report a problem, to provide a suggestion or just to rate the product. From that our “New Improvements of Visual Studio 2017” article series is over…!!  Have fun with Visual Studio 2017…!!




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