Microsoft Sway : Alternative to PowerPoint


Are you tired of creating reports, presentation, personal stories and many more thing in old ways? Now the time has come to change those old technics to new and easy way. Microsoft calls it “Sway”.

What is Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft designed Sway for conveying concepts quickly, easily and clearly. Microsoft announced this Sway as a digital storytelling app. Sway, is a part of Microsoft Office and designed for creating and sharing interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and much more. But most of the time Sway is in many ways an alternative to PowerPoint.

What can we do with Microsoft Sway?

  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Personal Stories

Advantages of using Microsoft OneNote

Sway is quick and easy to use

We can create and share polished, interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. All we have to do is add our content, and Sway will do the rest for us.


 Figure 01
Sway shows our stories whit more interactive content

We have to bring our Sway to life with interactive content. Include a video to talk about our idea or add an interactive chart to let others dive into the details.


Figure 02
See suggested search results based on our content

Sway suggests searches help you find relevant images, videos, tweets, and other content that we can drag and drop right into our creation. No need to juggle apps and web pages to find what we want.


Figure 03
Instantly transform our Sway with great designs


We don’t need to worry about formatting and all other stuff, Sway’s built-in design engine takes care of it. If the first design isn’t right for us, we can Remake it until we get satisfied. And also we can Remix it to see others or customize it to make it our own.


Figure 04
Easily share by sending a link


It’s easy to share a Sway things with others. Any person can see our creation on the web without signing up or download additional software. And Sway has given the opportunity to us to change privacy settings for more control.


 Figure 05


Availability of Microsoft Sway

How to use Sway

Step 01:- Use your Microsoft Account details to sign in to the Sway dashboard. If you still don’t have a Microsoft Account create an Account ASAP.

Figure 06

Type your Account Address in the given space and Click the button “Next”.

If your Account is a valid Account they will ask for the password of the account.

Figure 07

Then simply type the password and click the button “Sign in”.

Step 02:- After signing in to the Sway, it will look like this.

Figure 08

Step 2:- Now you can create new Sway or you can start from a new topic to write a story or you can start from a new document. Not only that but also we can view, edit and delete the existing things.

And also we can use the existing template for our works.

Step 2.1:-This is how the “Create New” interface looks like.

Figure 09

We can simply use the given any component to finish our work. This is absolutely easy to use.


Step 2.2:- This is how the “Start form a topic” looks after we click on it. Is ask for a name for your story.

Figure 10

After giving a name Sway will ask the for the category which you are going to write the story.

Figure 11

Select the category and click on the “Create outline” button. Then you will get an interface like this.All you have to do is edit it as you want.

Figure 12

Step 2.3:- Next the Start forms a document. With this we can use a document we already have with and all we have to do is load it from the place where we store that.




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