Make Your Life Easy with Connected Devices App in Microsoft


Microsoft has been able to bring you another amazing and wonderful application for all the Windows 10 users in the last couple of years. It is useful to share information through your two Windows devices. The beauty of this application is, any user can connect with his or her Windows 10 desktops, laptops, any tablet or any android device with Windows. Not only that, it supports for all the Xbox One and HoloLens users, flourishing that how a software increases its users satisfaction level. Connected Devices application was launched first as “Share Across Devices” on Windows 10 app store using API s available in Windows 10 anniversary update. By today Microsoft has come up with this amazing product making these API s reachable to Android. So that Connected Devices Application has arrived on the Google play store. You have to perceive that you are required to have windows 10 in your devices while having x86, x64, ARM architecture in your device to use this application.


Well, you do not need to message yourself anymore to share text between your android mobile phone to your other device. Connected Devices Application accommodates you to share your text file easily to your desktop computer, your laptop or any other device.  Other than that facility to share your web url s, other document files is allowed through this application. Sharing multiple files at a time is an appreciable feature in this software. You tube fans are given chance to share videos through windows devices and they naturally open videos in you tube applications in those devices. The implementation of Connected Devices application has made every ones’ day today life easier, faster and smarter by improving the quality of rapid sharing information among people to people and device to device.

Mobile-app-development1If you had a try on this application you might have ignored its simplicity and attractiveness of this free software. Let’s have a look on how does it going to work really. All the sending and receiving files are shared with renovated file transfer UI. While some one is sending a file in to the other device, Connected Device app transforms in to ‘picture-in-picture (PIP)’ mode which is a special type of multi-window mode, often used for video playback. The UI moves in to the top right split of the other device until the user has saved or opened the file. Also Connected Device app desktop users can drag and drop files into the application window to share with other devices. Now Microsoft has been able to fix the long running bug where the app did not auto close after sharing files.

With the latest update of this application, it was renamed from “Share Across Devices” to “Connected Devices” for user friendliness and better clarification. You can experience now clean and clear newly designed icon and the landing page view showing user to select a device to share files. Not only that, you can also now identify the sorted list of devices by type and the name rather than random in your first view face. Device selector by clicking on current device window is now free to experience through this application. The ability to add favorite devices to the list of sharing devices improves the quality of the software, so that they will always appear on the top of the list. Other than that you are welcome to experience the ability to rename devices for better readability and ability to attempt file sharing for you devices though firewalls are in the way.

newBy today, Connected Devices application has grabbed the valuation of most of the users with its usability and incredibility of features. But unfortunately some of users are not happy with this application because they have faced many difficulties when using it. Most of such cases can be occurred due to the firewalls and network issues. Some says that the app is unable to fulfill their requirements because functions had not worked properly. Well, this is major taint loaded on this app. However it demonstrates that there are issues to be fixed in ‘connected Devices app and hopefully if all these messes are fixed, it will an amazing product that everyone must have a try on it.




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