Skype Meetings- Group meetings for small businesses


Skype Meetings were introduced by Microsoft very recently.It is seen as a group conference tool or a type of group meeting in small businesses.Also it is  a tool that increases the collaboration among business partners.

Skype meeting can be used freely and the participants can add their Skype account’s URL to participants list.

As Microsoft explains,

Participants can do Instant Messaging with the other members while in the meeting and have ability to share their SCREENS,POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS and  also capable of improving their meeting environment with the help of LASER POINTERS and WHITEBOARDS. The person who starts the SKYPE MEETING(MEETING ORGANIZER) can control the meeting environment with suitable  and clear voice limits and can MUTE other participants if necessary.

Have a look on a Skype meeting.

Now the organizations who has Business emails  but not office 365 can also Sign up for Skype meetings. But this feature is only available within United States.

Office 365 subscribers are currently experiencing  this Skype for business facility and  it can be used even for meetings above 250 participants. Anyone can experience IM(Instant Messaging) at any time.

The main aim of Microsoft’s Skype meeting seems to attract their clients towards Office 365 plans even though they do small businesses.


Although it was able to have 10 people on a Skype meeting in the first 60 days, now it has been limited up to 3 members.







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