Microsoft starts their developer documentation site


Microsoft starts their developer documentation site including all Microsoft services.This is an interesting news for developers.This site can be run on Azure and  distributed among world wide data centers.This is a preview release of a latest site.

This is a user friendly site.

Here the pages are loaded very quickly in a speed more than 50-300%.

Pages are so responsive so that it fits to any browser and to any window size in mobile devices.

A comment area for each page.

Sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

Edit button is linked in to GitHub. Because each documentation of the page is brought under an open source license.

Here the URLs are small and human readable.

Lagre Font size.

A good news is that each post is estimated and mentioned with the  reading  time.Beacause people will attract more to read the posts if they have an idea about the time they need to spend on reading.

To view Microsoft developer documentation site:




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