Microsoft reveals the data Windows 10 is collecting


Have You ever wondered about the extent your Windows 10 device knows about your device? Well, Microsoft opened up about the the nature of its data collection in the OS. As per Microsoft’s windows and Devices Group (WDG) chief Terry Myerson, “For the first time, we have published a complete list of the diagnostic data collected at the Basic level“.

Basically, Microsoft collect from users in the form of Basic and Full levels of diagnostics. In the Basic level, limited information such as basic device information, quality-related information, app compatibility, and Windows Store etc are gathered. You can check for further details on the full level of data collected.

However, As WDG’s Chief Myerson statement as part of its new privacy experience, “everyone will have the opportunity to review their privacy settings”. So, you can make choice of what you choose to allow them gather data.

  1. If you are Windows 10 user, You can go to Privacy section of the Windows 10 Settings and set to ‘on/off’.
    image 3
  2. If you’re upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update, then you will see a privacy settings screen with options. When you have set the state of each toggle to ‘on’ based on your previous settings, then here is what it looks like.

image 1

If you have set to ‘off’, here is how it looks like;

image 2

As for the Windows 10 mobile users, almost same type of options will be available.




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