Microsoft Band 3 – Solution for breakable Wristband?


A very thorough  idea about Microsofts hadware plans can be clearly  gained when looking their improvement  upto the release of Microsoft’s Redstone.So that we can experience an awesome product soon at the beginning of 2017.

Anyhow Microsoft tried to introduce another new product to their customers  during the last vacation.According to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet Fame,Microsoft can introduce a new hardware component in the beginning of 2017 and nowadays there’s a sound going  among the customers that it would be a AIO Surface workstation or a Surface Phone.Also it can be a upgrade for the current products.

“There are some guesses rising among the people , that Microsoft will introduce their latest version of the Fitness Band as there were so many issues came out from the Band 2 users.Band 2 is not a Windows 10-Powered Device,it may be a Surface-Branded Device.But we don’t have sufficient information to prove whether it is exactly a Windows 10-powered and/or Surface branded.”

As a solution for the complains came from the users,the thermal plastic elastomer silicon belt was updated in band 2.

Although they gave solutions for band 2,still there are some more issues rising day by day.Sometimes Microsoft may trying to give out a perfect solution for such issues.

“Microsoft  crew  is  not commenting on any of these.Everything included here comes from sources and rumors.”

As Foley says,all these here are not only rumors,as they have mentioned, these feature will come soon.




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