Do You Wish To Go To Xamarin Colombo Meetup?


This is about an important meet up that is going to be held in future. That is Xamarin Meetup. If you are a person who do not have a clear understanding about what Xamarin is, this article will be quite useful for you guys.

Xamarin is a software company owned by Microsoft. This was commenced on month May, 2011. From the beginning itself they produced so many Mobile products. When it comes at present they have contributed to produce so many software products like Xamarine Test Cloud, Xamarin for Visual Studio, Xamarine.Mac, .Net Mobile Scanner and Robo VM.


Now I’ll tell you about the Xamarin Meetup which is going to be held in near future. The due date for the Meetup is September 29th and it will be held at conference hall of 99x premises.  Anyone who clicks this place can aware about the place. This time there will be two guest speakers at the Xamarin meetup. Both of them are experts in the field of Xamarin. For anyone who reads Microsoft articles, the name Dileepa Rajapaksha will not be an unfamiliar one. There you can join with his speech regarding Building Real Time Mobile Apps. You will understand what an easy process of building apps with Xamarin is.

There are number of softwares for game development today. But did you know Xamarin can use for it too?  The speech of Mr. Saman Kumara will bring you a newest experience about game development with Xamarin. For anyone who is keen with new technologies we can promise that, this will be a great opportunity to learn a new technology. You can obtain detail via this.





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