Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa Partnership


Today, Most of tech companies in the world are in a cold war to develop their own Personal Assistance using Artificial intelligent technology. As result of that Apple Incorporation has developed Siri for iOS, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Cortana for Windows, Google has developed Google Assistant for Android and for the Google Home, and Amazon has developed Alexa for the Amazon Echo to online shopping. Currently for each and every Personal Assistant has their unique features and some Drawbacks.

As Windows Geeks, Microsoft Cortana is the most familiar Personal Assistant for us which comes with Windows Computers and Windows Smartphones. If you need to create an alarm before go to the bed we only need to say ‘Hey Cortana, Create an alarm on tomorrow 5 in the morning to wake me up’. Then the Cortana replies ‘Ok, An alarm has been set on tomorrow 5 in the morning’ and make an alarm by itself using your windows device. Like that you are able to do most of the windows operating based activities using Cortana via voice commands. But beyond that if you need to shop online then order some goods and control your lighting of your room, you are unable to use Windows Cortana unless you connect it to a third party application or a device. For fulfill the above gap, Microsoft has make an partnership with Amazon to get a magnificent user experience with Cortana.

As we said earlier, Amazon has developed Alexa for the Amazon Echo, a smart home IOT device for mainly to shop online using your Amazon account. As Echo act as a smart home device you can also control your IoT devices that connected to the Amazon Echo by giving a voice command to the Alexa. But Alexa is unable to control the function in your windows computer.

By with this partnership, you are able to shop with and control your smart home devices by giving voice commands to the Microsoft Cortana. And you can set alarms, send emails and share files using Amazon Alexa.

But currently these facilities hadn’t got all the priorities for the both Assistance. If you need to do a task by Cortana via Alexa, first, you have to give a voice command to Alexa to give instruction to Cortana. That mean if you need to order goods that are running out from your refrigerator by Amazon via Windows Cortana, you have to say ˋHey Cortana, Tell Alexa to order 2 dozen eggs. ˋ Like that same scenario should follow to the other side. That can be a Business Strategy that follows by both of companies to keep the uniqueness of each Personal Assistance.

However, this will be a great facility for the both Windows, Amazon and Echo users to work easier within both platforms.




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