Turn your car towards an office environment


The latest news came out was that Microsoft is introducing  a  car. Actually there are variety of car manufacturing companies around the world today. But what they actually what they wanted to mean ?? These companies were asked  to have Office 365,windows operating systems or else services like azure from Microsoft.

Its somewhat amazing to hear that Office 365 runs your car. Just think how much time you waste on traffics? How useful it would be if you can use that time to do your office tasks?

How it would be if your workplace is your car? You may feel  that it’s a great source of income.

It is not today that Microsoft started to develop softwares for vehicles.

They designed windows interfaces as well as entertainment systems  for vehicles like BMW,Nissan and Fiat.By the way  they are making some more new arrangements to make your  driving experience wonderful.

Enjoy the drive with Micosoft!




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