Microsoft Magic Mirror recognizes your feelings!


Mirrors never lie.Whatever others say you look nice.No one else,the latest mirror introduced by Microsoft says like this.Not only your expressions,it can say about  the weather and time too.This mirror just look same as the other mirrors.

How amazing it would be if your mirror tells you about the climate when you go to see your appearance from the mirror?

There’s a hidden facial recognition camera behind the mirror.It has the ability to recognize 8 basic human expressions like wonder,happiness,and anger.Microsoft wishes to add features like in Facebook and Twitter feeds display panel.

This amazing mirror is still in it’s experimental stage.There’s a good market place for this in the industry.For an example think that they use this for advertising purposes.If so they can check who view their advertisements through this hidden camera.Not only that they can get the responses of their viewers quickly.

This is one of the product which was introduced at InnoveFest UnBound 2016 programme.




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