Microsoft Next Lock Screen app for Android


This Next Lock Screen app belongs to apps in Microsoft garage projects.Actually what this app tries is,it minimizes the time spent for a user to lock or unlock the screen in phones by giving some other features to do along with this lock screen.

Developers says that normally a user unlocks his mobile phones about more than 120 times for a day.Normally the mobile may be unlocked for just few simple tasks.May be to check notifications,or sometimes to reply for messages etc.So this Next Lock Screen was introduced as a solution for this.


They show you the text messages ,calendar appointments and other notifications along with the lock screen.You have the ability to reply to such messages or can take any actions once you tap on that notification.

Also you can go directly to apps and setttings once you swipe the screen towards  up.You can customize any such features once you go to Edit apps and tools  .


You can download this Next Lock Screen app for your smartphone from here




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