Project Neon: the ‘Fluent Design System’ for Microsoft Windows 10


Last year when Microsoft originally introduced the Redstone update 3 (November 25th, 2016), there were few details on a major user interface change since Microsoft Windows 7. Taking a few steps back the concept was first introduced using the Metro design language in Microsoft Windows 8 (2012). During the first quarter of this year, we got know that Project Neon would be the new design language for Microsoft Windows 10.

According to the insider builds the current changes:

“Microsoft recently pushed updates to Groove, Calculator, Films & TV, and more that introduced improved user-interfaces within the apps, including blur and hover animations. Developers will now also be able to develop apps officially using the Fluent Design System, with the design language also coming to the OS over time too.”

Microsoft also added:

“These devices all behave differently and fulfill different needs. From large screens to no screens they rely on touch, ink, voice, gaze, and gesture. Every day, developers also face the challenge of a multi-device, multi-interaction world, and we are committed to simplifying this world with a modern Microsoft design system.”

Given the above fact I am very excited to explore this new user interface change. Microsoft had also revealed the fact that these changes will be introduced in the fall creators update. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic. If your interested visit




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