Microsoft Build 2017 – Highlights


Microsoft Build 2017 was held in Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA from May 10 to May 12.

So today from this article you will be getting to know the latest technologies and advances which were announced in Microsoft Build 2017.

Windows 10 Fall creators Update

Windows 10 fall creators update is a new design for the developers which called fluent design system. They can basically develop their apps in more creative and in an expressive way. This fall creators update will allow for responsive experiences and interactions within Windows 10.

microsoft-announces-windows-timeline-for-windows-10-redstone-3-515633-2Windows Story Remix

Windows Story Remix is a creative brand new app specially made for Windows 10. By using this app, users can make 3D augmented reality objects by converting their snaps, audios, and videos. Story Remix helps the users to bring all their memories of different sources into one platform.

Story-Remix-Own-696x391Microsoft Graph

Microsoft graph builds up connections between people, activities. And now it has extended its connection up to devices. In Build 2017 they introduced several advancements related with Microsoft Graphs.

Microsoft graphs can be considered as the main method of enhancing the business processes, simplifying the management and facilitates the collaborations. During the Build 2017, Microsoft introduced the following.

  • Planner API to create tasks and assign them to users
  • SharePoint sites API
  • OneNote API
  • Microsoft Teams API

MSGraph_GraphicThrough the Microsoft platform, users can build powerful apps and it simplified the developer experience.

For more information:

Apart from the above basic advancements Microsoft Build 2017 has announced the following.

  • Windows 10 now has 500 million active devices and have the growth of 25%
  • Microsoft graph only activated for user and activity data, but now it has provided with device data
  • Across 141 million monthly active devices on company’s Cortana virtual assistant.
  • Released a set of motion controllers to pair with its mixed reality headsets.
  • Introducing iTunes for Windows Store.

Try out these new advancements with your Windows 10.





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