Introducing Microsoft Flow-A way to automate all your tasks


Think how wonderful and easy it would be if you can automate all your tasks that you do through apps and software’s ?

Such an amazing method was introduced by Microsoft  recently.That is  called Microsoft Flow.

This is very simple and easy.Just think that you need to send an email to a particular  person informing that a particular data has been updated in the database.

In the ordinary method it is needed to type the email word by word by hand.For this you need to have a thorough look on the database  time to time to check whether it is updated or not .It’s time consuming.

So how it would be if all these tasks are done automatically?? No more doubts.All will love it.

Microsoft Flow does this all.

So through this app the email will be sent to the particular person as soon as the database is updated.Also the specialty is you can combine many different apps together by this app.

What you want to do here is just Log into Microsoft Flow and create Work Flows to the apps that you use.

A list of apps that are facilitated by flow is shown below.

Also Microsoft has created their own templates for these apps.

Remember that you need to have minimum an  Office 365 account or you need to use you company’s Office 365 account to work with this app.

Try Microsoft Flow from here …




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