Microsoft is reportedly talking about buying GitHub, Is It True?


Microsoft is reportedly talking about
buying GitHub, is it true?
Hey guys, today I’m going to tell you very special and exclusive news for
worldwide software developers and software project stakeholders. You
may also work with GitHub or not. Whatever this is very interesting
news for the people who all in IT sector.
You know Github is a version controller which is facilitates to the
developers and software related people to engage and have awesome
benefits itself. For the software projects in coding perspective, the
back – up strategy typically includes version control, or tracking and
managing revisions. Each developer is possible to make several
revisions per day, and the ever-increasing corpus serves simultaneously
as repository , project narrative etc.
In business perspective Github it is such and strong organization in the
economic world. GitHub was last valued at $ 2 billion in its last funding
round 2015, But the price tag for an acquisition could be $ 5 billion or


Github itself privately held company has more than 23 million individual
users in more than 1.5 million organizations. It was on track to book
more than $200 million in subscription revenue, including more than
$110 million from companies using its enterprise product.
Microsoft is one of the biggest company in the world with massive
domain of industrial software and related services.
Long standing rumors Microsoft held talks in the past few weeks to
acquire software developer platform GitHub. If rumors are true, the
deal would be worth somewhere in the area of $ 5 billion.
When GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath stepped down last fall, sometimes
things had been changed. The company has yet to find a replacement.
Maybe GitHub hasn’t found a replacement for its CEO, it is considering
allowing Microsoft to acquire it for an absence amount of money.
In this situation, Microsoft would stand to benefit as well. Owning
GitHub to Microsoft is encouraging GitHub users to Microsoft cloud
services and products and another connection point to the developers
it needs to court to build applications on its various platform, including
the azure cloud. Microsoft could also use data from Github to improve
its intelligence products as well.
With this exclusive news, the problem with the Github users is “Will be
the public repositories in Github available in future anymore… “
However, Microsoft and GitHub confirm these reports but still didn’t
receive an immediate response. Let’s see what happens with near
future and how it will be caused to users of Github and Microsoft as
So guys, let’s watch what next in future of GitHub with Microsoft..!




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