Windows Workplace Analytics For Better Business Decisions


Have you ever wondered how your behavior and decisions would affect the business and its growth? May it be your time on e-mailing or travel time for meetings, we just get an idea of how it can affect our effectiveness by analysing a brief overview of the company’s performance matrices. This is the point where Windows Workplace Analytics Tools take over the process.

Microsoft Workplace Analytics is now available as an add-on to any Office 365 enterprise plan. This peeks into Office 365 email and calendar metadata including subject lines and timestamps to gain insights on how the organization as well as individuals collaborate and spend their time.

Thus gleaned information are then indicated as a set of behavioral metrics to identify what’s going on in the business.

It provides four standard views of organizational productivity.

  • Week in the life
  • Meetings overview
  • Management and coaching
  • Networks and collaboration

Monitors employees’ behavior

Through the four standard views, Microsoft provides an overview dashboard which looks at how the company spends time and collaborate, quantity and quality of time spent in meetings which depicts the relationship between the employees and the management, and looks at how the employees are connecting across the company. The graphical illustrations are used to improve productivity, boost manager effectiveness and reduce employees’ travel time to meetings etc.

Figure 1

Gain actionable insights

Microsoft Workplace Analysis also can be used to increase sales by identifying the collaborative patterns of top performers and introducing them to the organization in a broader scale. They also inform you of a variety of strategic decisions including team models, resource allocation and workspace planning by giving dozens of actionable behavioral matrices.

Figure 2

Make data-driven decisions

The rich set of objective data provided by Workplace Analytics helps to make better business decisions. Potential problem areas are highlighted by guided exploration dashboards while targeted business questions about hiring strategies and new organizational structures are answered by flexible queries.

Manager effectiveness

Furthermore management effectiveness can be increased with the use of Workplace Analytics. Manager time, level of leadership exposure given to employees and the degree to which work can be distributed evenly across an organization are measured, and engagement and retention of employees are encouraged accordingly.

Privacy and compliance

Workplace Analytics provides the user with privacy controls where the customer can decide which populations to analyze and maintain control over data viewability and aggregation levels based on customer preference and roles.

Microsoft Workplace Analytics shows us where and how the scarcest resources: time, talent and energy of people are used. It is a powerful tool for providing behavioral insights that can be used to improve productivity, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement.

Join with Windows Workplace Analytics to have a driving change in your organization.

Hope to see you again with another upcoming technology.




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