Windows Insider MVP Program


Dona Sarkar of Microsoft has introduced the Windows Insider MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Program as home for consumers of Windows and Devices where they are currently working on approaching such MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) and you too can be such but you may have to wait till 2017. However Microsoft describes this program as follows;

“Today we are excited to announce the Windows Insider MVP Program – the new home for our MVPs focused on Windows and Devices for consumers. Consumer of Windows and Devices or the MVPs are important to us and in the past months we tried to understand what suits them the most where it was a thoughtful and significant decision for us to consider in collaborating with MVPs for the Windows Insider Program. We are aware that the future of Windows is straightforwardly dependent on the users of Windows. We are planning to work more closely with the MVPs via this program where we would acknowledge them about different Windows and Devices product teams. This is just a beginning of the journey and we hope to work more co-operatively with MVPs.”

Nevertheless this topic might not be your delight but we will inform you as soon as the program is open for others as well. So stay tuned!







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