An Outlook experience through Android smart watch


Outlook promised that they helps us to carry out our connections .Wearables tells that they brings us information as soon as we request.So these two are going to be  combine together and helps us to do our tasks easily.

In August they released Outlook for Apple watches.And the good news is that  they released an Outlook watch face for  Android  watches on  3rd of this month.You can have a look on  your daytoday tasks  with the help of this Outlook watch face.

Outlook watch face has the ability to show the tasks that should be done within the next 12 hours.The color of the face changes automatically according to the color of the calendar that you have selected.

It shows the next scheduled work that we have with the remaining time for it.Also it show us the number of new emails that we have received.

Don’t you  have any tasks within the next 12 hours? If so it displays the name of the person who has sent you the last email at the center of the watch.wa

Select any color according to your  style.A-deeper-look-at-Outlook-for-Android-Wear-3

As in Outlook for web you are able to schedule, flag or delete  here.So that you can attend to everything without missing them.If you getting late for a meeting you just need to tap twice on the face to send a note.






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