Microsoft Virtual Academy


What is Microsoft Virtual Academy?

  • Basically, Microsoft Virtual Academy is an online learning center for a beginner who would like to learn about Microsoft product and how they can be used in our day-to-day life.
  • When we access the above URL, we can get a website like below.
Figure 01 Website
Figure 01 Website
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy has provided a wide range of course content to the different kind of users.
  • When we get the drop down by clicking the “course” which is in the menu bar, it will give the below drop down list.
Figure 02 - Courses
Figure 02 – Courses
  • For further to increase the user friendliness course content has divided into some main categories.
Figure 03 Registration
Figure 03 Course Categories

 How can we follow a course?

  • To follow a course we have to sing into the site by using our Outlook account details.
  • Then we can select any course which we need to follow and continue with it.
  • Just click on the “Sign in” button and type the sign in details of our outlook account.
  • After sign in, if you have signed in for the site for the first time then you will get another window like below. Then fill those filed and click on “Done” .
Figure 04 Registration
Figure 04 Registration

After successfully sign in to the site you can see your Dashboard like this.

Figure 05 - Successful completion
Figure 05 – Successful completion
  • Now you can select one or more course at a time and complete them.

Hope you try it out and learn from the courses provided!





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