Microsoft introduces Surface Laptops


Microsoft corporation hosted a special hardware and software product launch event beginning of this month (2nd of May), focusing on educational aspects by introducing their latest innovation; which is the surface laptop. It is very similar to the Chromebook introduced by Google. These are mainly focused on students of the K-12 arena (The educational system in western countries).

Though Microsoft hasn’t had much luck in the field of education in this era, they sure might have with this upcoming product. But since they have to compete with the other rival products, they have made it a point to improve their product with regard to better quality, price, battery life etc.

Figure 1.2
Surface laptop color range

The product was introduced with many new features including; touch technology, pen technology, the unique material that resists spills and stains and especially the extended battery life of approximately 14.5 hours. And the company assures that the students can use this laptop from the time they enter the college campus till the day they graduate. Microsoft Surface | Craftsmanship

The device also enables the use of some unique hardware devices and accessories such as; Surface Arc mouse, Surface dial, Surface dock etc.

The device is designed to work with the newest version of Windows 10 which is “Windows 10 S”, to take on Surface laptops instead of “Windows 10 Cloud”, which was expected to be called originally.

c-1gpb6vwaah866           Microsoft itself revealed that its Windows 10 S will only support Windows Store apps, which will be a drawback but was ensured to be resolved by using the users to download the   Pro version of the Windows 10. Also, the users may have to use the default browser, which is Bing and may not be allowed to use any other browser. This will be a great disadvantage for the Google lovers.

Though the product is mainly focused on students, we may see rather a rapid sale in the professional field as well due to the many unique features embedded in it.




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