Microsoft Announces About their Professional Degree Program


We heard a very good news at the last Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference.It was about the introducing of Microsoft Professional Degree(MPD) program.MPD mainly focuses on the Data Science field.This course is based on Open edX and Azure Platform.

Microsoft Professional Degree- What is meant by Data Science Pilot?

As identified so far a little number of people have been recognized as Data Scientists.So to fill this gap MPD-Data Science was introduced by Microsoft to build well talented and skillful people.

Why do we want to  join with  Microsoft Professional Degree Program?

Data science can be considered as one of the most highly developing field in the technical world today.To work in this field we need to have good understanding and knowledge  as well as experience about such technologies.So the Microsoft Professional Degree Curriculum was introduced with the help of experts in this field,so that  they  can give out the best knowledge that needed for a data scientist.

Cost  for Microsoft Professional Degree Programme

You need to follow these courses on edX.So to get the cerftificate you need to pay an amount.

More details about the prices and payments can be taken from  edX official website.

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