Imagine Cup 2016: Innovations : Team ZETA

Team Name ZETA
Institute University of Colombo School of Computing
Project Name NervyCane
Team Members
Buddhishan Manamperi
Chamod Weerasinghe
Kanishka Wijayasekara
Nadith Nupearachchi

About NervyCane:

People with complete blindness often have a difficult time self-navigating outside well-known environments as well as unknown environments . As an example let’s take an incident of road crossing . Blind people want to cross the road and there is no option to get to know whether there is a road crossing nearby . So our team hopes to deliver a solution improving the walking stick letting them know early that they will come across a crossing 50m forward.

Within our implementation we hope to optimize the safety of the blind person as well as the comfort of the vehicle drivers . According to our solution we can convert a blind person in to a normal road crosser making them feel they are not extra ordinary person anymore . After the implementation those people don’t need support from another people when they cross a road by a road crossing.

Blind people must learn every detail about the external environment . But this is not a practical solution when it comes to an unknown environment . So as the second implementation we are going to implement a new walking stick for blind people that senses a bus stand is near by and the above mentioned road crossing criteria is allocated for this implementation as well helping them.




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