Imagine Cup 2016: Innovation : Team RUCK

Team Name RUCK
Institute Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
Project Name Universal Sinhala Library


Team Members
Harshanath W.W.D.K
Thilanga W.P.R
Piyamal K.D.C
Wickramarathne S.H.U.S

About Universal Sinhala Library:

The team RUCK is going to create a Universal Sinhala Library which contains every possible combinations of Sinhala alphabet including comma, space and period. As it is mention above, they design this application with special functions and features to end user. Providing a universal library which contains each and every book that ever has been written in Sinhala, and every book that ever could be including every play, every song, every scientific paper, every legal decision, every constitution and every piece of scripture in Sinhala.

Thus they need to develop an algorithm to generate every combination using every Sinhala characters in Sinhala alphabet. They need to develop the algorithm using 58 contemporary Sinhala characters and it contains 18 vowel-letters and 40 constant letters and comma, space, period.




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