Be A Part Of Windows Insider Program


Are you a windows 10 user? Then this is for you.

Even though you are a windows 10 user have you ever heard about Windows  insider program?

If you haven’t then keep reading..

What is Windows Insider Program?

 This program is only aiming at users who have a valid Windows 10 license. The Windows Insider Program lets you experience the next version of Windows before public release.

Microsoft launched this program specifically for enterprise testers and early adopters and also to gather feedback from enthusiastic crowd to improve the features built into Windows 10.

In other words Microsoft lets us to be a part of their new windows creations.

Microsoft is using a specific app to gather feedbacks and their experience by providing ratings and a place to leave notes to the Windows developer team.

Actually this is a great move of Microsoft because in this way Microsoft will get to know the user experience regarding new features before releasing. So they will be able to come up with a much better version with the help of users.

Being a windows Insider you will get to have a sneak peak on features which will be on next Windows release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Story Remix will help you to create your own story:

 Story Remix uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to understand your content and automatically bring it together into video stories, each with a soundtrack, theme, and transitions.

You can edit these suggestions to make them your way and remix them with just a click of a button in story editor. You can share them, keep them and enjoy them.

Do you want some 3D look in your video? Don’t worry Story remix will let you have Remix 3D and Paint 3D in your creation. Also you can import 3D objects to your video.

Image 3This is a real evolution of the photo apps and an impressive development in windows.

This is a powerful and also customizable tool which is making a real evolution of the photo apps and an impressive development in windows.

If you are a windows insider you will be able to experience this newest feature and send some feedback.

Use My People to connect with your people:

 With My people:

  1. Pin your favorite contacts directly to the taskbar and view multiple communication apps together.
  2. Contacts will display a counter, if there are any unseen messages.
  3. Can also drag-and-drop files directly onto the contacts in your taskbar to start an email.

It’s just easy as that.

image 4

Power Throttling will improve your battery life:

 Throttle your apps to save the battery!!!

Microsoft has discovered that Power throttling can save up to 11% in CPU power consumptions. So this feature will be enable in upcoming releases.

image 5

Storage sense will free up your storage space:

 You can choose to delete files automatically in your Downloads folder that haven’t been changed for 30 days or delete temporary files that apps aren’t using in your PC using Storage sense. This feature will be enabled in Storage settings with the new release.

Awesome new features in Microsoft Edge’s PDF Reader:

Now you can fill in PDF – based forms within Microsoft Edge, make notes directly on PDFs, navigate longer PDFs with the Table of Contents feature and even rotate documents for easier reading.

New features in Magnifier Settings:

Magnifier Setting page has updated into a new page design and new features to improve the experience for low vision users as well as casual Magnifier users.

New features for Windows 10 Mail users:

Your favorite features are now available for you Google account!

  • Focused inbox
  • Faster and improved search
  • Travel reservations and package delivery tracking

To power this experience your email, calendar and contacts should be synchronized with the Microsoft cloud.

Want to be a part of Windows Insider program?

Then follow these steps,

  • If you are not a Windows 10 user, then install Windows 10, you can purchase at your local retailer or at online retailers like Microsoft
  • Type “Insider” in the search box on your Windows 10 PC. Then in System Settings, go to Get Insider Preview builds> Get Started and follow the instructions on the screen.

image 6

  • To choose how often you’ll receive updated Windows Insider Preview builds, go back to Get Insider Preview builds. Then choose your Insider level (based on whether you want our earliest builds — or prefer slightly later builds with fewer bugs.)
  • Remember to keep your PC plugged in and turned on and online to get the latest Preview builds.
  • You can go to the Windows Insider preview builds site for more information.

As you can see Microsoft is keep getting stronger and stronger.

If you are a windows insider then you will be the first to experience these whole new features and to be an important part of the global community of Windows.




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