Microsoft gives a sneak peak of Project Neon


We all remember how Microsoft declared Windows 10 to be the last version of Windows ever, of course, this did not mean that Windows 10 will come to standstill in terms of new features and functionality in the future, it just meant that all new versions of Windows will be updated versions of Windows 10 itself, much like how Apple handles MacOS.

Microsoft is now working on a Project, internally called “Project Neon” which is supposed to bring notable changes to the User Interface of Windows 10. There were rumors and leaks in late 2016 about Project Neon but now Microsoft has officially given a sneak peak into what Project Neon is. Microsoft this time has opted to a new design language (Neon will be Microsoft’s third Design Language, after Aero Glass and Metro), which looks a lot like a Windows 7 aero and Google’s material design put together in the correct proportions.

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This will be a welcome change for the users like me who felt Windows 10 went too far with minimalism.
Although at this point details about Project Neon is limited, as Microsoft suggest Project Neon’s main aim is to add fluidity, blur, animations and seamless transition when opening and switching between applications with the intention of making the OS and Applications feel like they are in sync, as seen in iOS.
Again as Microsoft suggest Project Neon is aimed at all Windows devices which include the Xbox, HoloLens and even Windows Mobile.

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Leaks suggest the new animations are buttery smooth and fluid, although still in development phase we should expect the same when it is rolled out officially.
Even though we are several months away from seeing an official rollout of Project Neon, Microsoft wanted developers to get hands on with their new design language so that developers will have painless time making Windows 10 applications in the future, so a lot of Project Neon APIs are available in the latest preview builds of Windows 10, meaning we will see a lot of videos and screenshots ahead of the official release of Project Neon. First changes introduced by Project Neon is expected to be in the “Creators Update”(Redstone 2) that is expected to roll out in April, a full roll-out of Project Neon will not be until “Redstone 3” which will be in the latter part of 2017.
Microsoft is also expected to give an in-depth review of Project Neon’s plans in the developer conference in May.

Stay Tuned to more updates and screenshots from Project Neon in Windows Geek!

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