Imagine Cup 2016: World Citizenship : Team Genysis

Team Name Genysis
Institute Informatics Institute of Technology
Project Name Genysis
Team Members
Rashmi Mendis
Sasanka Kudagoda
Sameera Fuard
Savindra Perera

About Genysis:

This project is an introduction of a smart water bottle holder along with the mobile application that you can take anywhere you go. The Genisys water bottle holder will give you a customised water goal and make sure you achieved it.

Genisys will alert you if you have not drunk water and it make sure you do not dehydrate. The first time you run the Genisys mobile app it will get some of your personal data such as height, weight, age, gender. And then the Genisys bottle holder will get the humidity and temperature of the environment. So the first time you open the app it will give you a water goal considering the above factors.

Then where ever you go it will update your water goal according to the current temperature and the humidity level and whatever you do can be manually set through the app or if you use a Microsoft band or any other activity tracking device we will get that information because the water necessary vary with the activity you engage not only that we consider the body type if the user is very active, or moderately active or if she is pregnant or breastfeeding. Considering all these factors we give the user a customised personalised water goal each day.





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