Imagine Cup 2016: World Citizenship : Team DragonFlies

Team Name DragonFlies
Institute University of Colombo
Project Name Watch Over Me
Team Members
Ashan Maduranga
Pasan Ranathunga
Nathaliya Jayawardena
Dilini Madhubhashini

About Watch Over Me:

The concept showcases the idea of creating an online platform for users to view the current disaster throughout the world along with a mobile application which gives the real time disaster alerts based on the geographical location of the its user.

As the app and the online platform is capable of providing real time disaster alerts, a user of the app gets an advanced notice of disasters which are about to impact their current location, he/she and many others may very well get the chance to evacuate the impact area resulting in the saving of many lives and other valuable properties.
Further, as the online system provides the ability to see real time feeds of disasters throughout the world, even at a disaster situations, relatives and friends of a person facing such a situation, could check online and understand the current situation without any hassle.




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