Imagine Cup 2016: World Citizenship : Team Bit Masters

Team Name Bit Masters
Institute University of Moratuwa
Project Name Phobium
Team Members
Lakmal Buddika Meegahapola
Madhawa Vidanapathirana
Dinuka Salwathura
Sandaru Karunasiri

About Phobium:

More than 50% of world population are estimated to have any kind of phobia. In number, it is many many billions. 18% of USA population have even been diagnosed with Phobia. Day by day, due to the complex and stressful nature of lives, there seem to be no way that this number could get reduced.

As a solution for the above issue we have created Phobium – A virtual reality exposure therapy platform for Phobia treatment. This platform uses Virtual Reality technology to immerse patients in Virtual environments and uses brain wave analysis technology to analyze the thought process of the patient. This platform enables Therapist to expose patients to varying levels of fear and danger in the process of phobia treatment while observing their brain activity and stress levels to make sure constant interaction and talk is done with patients.

Therapists can download various virtual reality scenes from “Phobium” online store and use them to treat patients. The therapist can control the movement of the patient in the Virtual reality scene and therapist can change various things in the scene as well. It is like playing a game to the therapist. This is a innovative mechanism by which Phobia treatment can be taken to the next level.




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