Imagine Cup 2016: Innovations : Team Ingenious X

Team Name Ingenious X
Institute Informatics Institute of Technology
Project Name Pro Mug
Team Members
Obhasha Priyankara
Sachin De Silva
Dilthushi Jayawardana
Ravindu Perera

About Pro Mug:

Since coronary and Diabetic patients are rapidly increasing in a disastrous manner all around the world, Awareness, prevention and controlling them are a magnanimous issue world faces currently and also in future.

A specially designed smart mug with a touch display which calculates the exact amount of calories, Sugar and temperature of the drink you pour and alerts the user if its unhealthy to them. With other smart features which a normal smart phone has.
ProMug© is a life style.This will be a whole new Generation technology to prevent Diabetes and coronary diseases. This is the world’s 1st health conscious Smart mug in the history.




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