Facebook Shifts to Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud


Microsoft announced that Facebook is ready to use Microsoft 365 .Facebook has identified Office 365 as the best tool to enable their 13,000 employees to be efficienct and more prodcutive.Facebook links with companies like Cushman and Wakefield, Atkins and many other business customers those who use Office 365 to
manage their business tasks.

Facebook CIO Tim Campos views Office 365 as a tool which supports Facebook’s mission “Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

Moreover With the help of Microsoft, Facebook is assured of being able to fulfill the demands of more than a billion of Facebook users.
Microsoft also provide Facebook with tools required to improve the efficiency level based on the increasing size of Facebook users.

Accordingly, Campos described How Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud will assist Facebook to handle its business needs:

“Office 365 appear to be high in capability wise than Word, Excel and PowerPoint. By Using the Microsoft Graph we will be able to get an idea of how the employees
work with each other, whom are they collabarating with the most, where and how much time being spend.

While Microsoft continues to innovate with Office 365, we will continue to add services that will provide more value to Facebook “




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